Dawn Hoggard

Born overseas and having lived in 6 different countries, Dawn Hoggard knows what it is like to move.  

A Pilates Instructor who owns her own studio, Dawn brings her business acumen, discipline and rigor to helping her clients get the most out of buying or selling a home.  “I have moved so many times myself and know that there is a lot at stake both emotionally and financially", Dawn explains.  "My purpose for my clients is to get the most possible out of the market for them.  This makes things easier for my clients emotionally knowing that I’m going to get them the most for their home or the absolute best value on a place they love”.  
For Dawn, an agent with Protege Real Estate, getting your home sold fast for top dollar or finding that perfect place at a great price is her singular focus.  Contact Dawn today to put her to work for you.